Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Answers to Your Questions

Since starting this blog I have been receiving a lot of questions about “deal chasing".

So here are the answers to your top three questions:

When did you start “deal chasing”?
When someone tells me they don't know how to use coupons it's like saying “I haven't heard of sliced bread.” I grew up spending Sunday morning before church looking at the ads and checking out how good the coupons were and cleaning out my grandma's coupon box. We talk about our shopping experiences at family holidays. The use of coupons and frugal living was the way I was raised and I never knew there was another way. My aunt put it perfectly when she said this is our hobby.

My hobby became much more of a necessity this year. Many of you know that my husband changed careers and I went part time after our son arrived this year. With these transitions our income was cut by 62% (I had to calculate that number twice to believe it). I am more thankful than ever for the frugal living tips I was taught as a child.

Does it take a lot of time?

Like I said earlier I have been doing this for years so it comes as second nature. I can't imagine making a grocery list without attaching coupons to it.

Are you crazy?

Well....it depends on the day!

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