Monday, January 26, 2009

We LOVE Bubble Wrap

Did you know today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day? I got a package this weekend with bubble wrap in it and my daughter loved to pop the bubbles. Okay who are we kidding I was popping right along with her!

In honor of this special day head over to Fastpack to get 5 feet of bubble wrap for a $1.85 shipped. I am always sending packages so this is great for me.


Beverly said...

My kids love Bubble wrap also. They love to jump on it to hear it pop. I have never seen it in bright colors. Thanks for visiting my blog

Heidi said...

I really don't have a good reason to buy bubble wrap. But 10 feet of fun colored bubble wrap for under $4. Who could resist. I suppose I should let Karl know what will be arriving.

lancesykes said...

Little "c" says Bubble wrap rocks aunt Dawn!!!

Love the web site