Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How I Got $500 in the Mail

Have you ever seen those offers that look like this:

I always thought it was a scam and would never have attempted to try one until I started reading Carrie's blog MoneySavingMethods. She has successfully completed several of these offers. So with much hesitation I gave it a try. So I headed over to Carrie's blog and read all her instructions and picked one of the offers on her page. I then had to sign up for several products to try. These companies are hoping you will like their product so look for things you might want to keep. I did several offers I will actually keep and some that I cancelled within my trial period. I spent about $90 to get my $500 Visa gift card so my net was $410. It took me about 3 hours to sign up for all the offers and about 4 weeks to get my reward.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Carrie for her detailed instructions and introducing me to this money making method. I have since started two more offers. Here I am with my Visa gift card!


Kelli said...

That is really amazing! So how did you choose which one to start with?

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...

Congrats! I am so excited for you.

I will be posting your picture on my Bragger page, and will include you in my end of month Congrats email!!

I am so thrilled everytime someone new gets their first reward...it is so exciting.