Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Dealchaser Amazon Store

Okay so the great deal on dinner plates made me want to find more ways to spend my Swagbucks. So I decided to set up an Amazon Store. I am going to keep posting some amazing deals on my site but most of the deals I stumble accross I will post in my Amazon Store. You can always find the amazing deals on my right sidebar.

I was sharing some Swagbucks tips with my friend Justin today and he thought I should mention this one to all of you. When I get 45 Swagbucks I immediatly trade them in for a $5 Amazon card. It takes about 4-5 days for my gift card code to post in my Swagbucks page. When it does post I redeem the gift card on my Amazon account page. It will keep accumulating your gift card balances for you and then when a great deal pops up you will have money in your account ready to spend.

1 comment:

Julie M said...

I am glad you clarified that... I just cashed in my first amazon gc from swagbucks... that's great that they will keep track of it for you!

Thanks for the tips!