Friday, November 12, 2010

Mere Creations on Etsy

So I've been getting some questions about what my Etsy store is. Well first, it is a joint collaboration between my sister, mom, and I. My sister and I started chatting about opening an Etsy store and one day I said, "forget the talk let's do it!" So Mere Creations came into existence. The highlight of the shop is really Danielle's (my sister) hot beverage mixes. She is great at creating new flavors and they are FABULOUS! I'm telling you her white hot chocolate mixes (which will hit the store soon) are to die for!

So here we are taking on another crazy adventure. We would love to help you with your Christmas list (wink, wink). If you are going to be in Jay County this Saturday, stop by the Delta Craft Show. You can find us there selling our goods!


Julie M said...

I just tried your link for Mere Creations and it didn't hook up for me. *luckily I can get to another way... ;o) but wanted you to know.

Dawn said...

Thanks Julie! I think it is fixed now. It's been so long I have to remember how to blog! :)