Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get Your FREE Arby's

Go print your coupon for a FREE Arby's new Roast Burger with the purchase of a drink. Offer good through March 9.


Sarah Anne said...

Hey Dawn!

I found your blog through Chadwick. Somehow he found it through Facebook. Anyway, Chadwick and I graduated w/ you and Adam at ONU. I wanted to connect w/ you b/c I am very into blogging and "dealchasing!" My friends and I have weekly coupon parties, with a trip to CVS (of course!). I love your blog, it looks great!

I don't know if you remember Alisha Hughes (was Crosairol) and Katie Brabson (was Cook)? The 3 of us have started a blog that has really taken off! It's mealplanningmommies.com We do meal planning on a weekly basis, sharing recipes etc. We LOVE what we do, but are looking for someone to give us some advice on how to "blog" better.

Anyway, check us out. I'll keep checking yours out and maybe we can connect eventually!

Send me an e-mail at

Talk to you soon!
Sarah Anderson

MommaHughes said...

Dawn, Sarah told me about your blog and then I just read her comment, so I had to comment. I know for a fact that you remember me. :) Cute blog. Good for you!

In regards to the Arby's deal, I printed off the coupon and took it to my Arby's and they acted like there was no way for them to enter it into their register (which is really just typical of my Arby's, because this was not the first time they did not know how to enter a coupon from online) They end up giving me the deal anyway, but there is always this moment of awkwardness as they try to figure the best way to give me the deal. :) Did you get your free sandwich? BTW, on an unrelated note, baby number 3 on the way, and then we're done. :)

Dawn said...

Alisha and Sarah -
Of course I remember you lovely ladies! I love to check out your blog.

Alisha- I gave my free sandwich coupon to Adam and he said he had no problem using it.