Monday, March 23, 2009

Kodak EasyShare Digital Camera Under $50 has a fabulous deal on this Kodak EasyShare 7.2mp digital camera. Here is how it works:

Add the camera to your cart $79.99
Use coupon code 46PS59J6STVMLC to get $30.00 off
Use coupon code T7DJTNQ21PS33B to get additional $2.50 off
Use coupon code ZBC8LPSBMMRB28 to get FREE 2 day shipping

Total for the camera is $47.49 + tax

To make this even better use Ebates to get an additional 2% off at Dell Accessories.

This is a great deal!


Anonymous said...

Good luck when purchasing any kodak camera. We purchased 2 from WalMart for 2 of our sons for Christmas. Neither worked and Walmart said they were on defective list and would not take them back. kodak would not respond to numerous requests for replacement.

Dawn said...

I'm sorry you have not been happy with your Kodak cameras. I have LOVED my Easy Share! I guess each model is different.

Julie M said...

I love mine too. It's too bad yours didn't work.